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[IMPORTANT] Invincible. It's the Drug that Keeps on Giving.

[The Main RPG FAQ]

1. What is invincible?: It's a drug with it's origins in the 1950s. Originally designed to suppress fatigue and create a soldier-force that doesn't require sleep.

2. ...but what is it now?: It's a Designer Drug that's unbelievably easy to obtain, has the same high as Cocaine, and has infiltrated most of America along with several countries around the world.

3. ...You are not understanding me. What does it DO?: ....My understanding of science is somewhat limited. Invincible acts on Adrenaline and manipulates Genes to give people super abilities.

4. ...It makes superheroes: ...Yes and no. The quality of the superpower that you end up with doesn't depend on how much Invincible you ingest/use. It's writers perrogative It's completely at random. A person could be an Invincible Junkie and never develop any superpowers.

5. ...Well what gives my mutant those superpowers then?: A Near Death Experience.

6. ...Why?: .. Because it's dramatic and cool because I decided it. At some point I might do more research, but for now accept that your character has to have cheated death in order to gain special powers.

7. Will it Go away?: Nope. Your character didn't say no. Or didn't have a choice. In any case they're now stuck flying, lighting things on fire, mind controlling hamsters.

8. What if my character dies?: Then your character's dead. Invenerable or not, I'll BET that if you vaporized Wolverine, he'd stay gone. Visit parkside_tombs, write up an obituary, and say goodbye.

9. That's so unfair!: No. That's life. That's this life in particular. Think the real world. But with a drug that gives you superpowers.

10. ...You're Ripping off Heroes/4400: ...And they're ripping off X-Men. *cough* which is ripping off Greek Mythology. It's all OCs. I think I'll be able to sleep at night.

11. Okay smartass. What does one have to do to get Invincible?: One has to have a dealer.

12. And Where can I find a Dealer?: ...Your character can have a "line" that you make up, or they can visit the Shaken Dragon.

13. Are you condoning Drug use? Or suicide?: No. This RPG is clearly rated R/NC-17. I smoke. I drink. I don't do hardcore drugs, and Sucide-we're not even going to go there. It was just an idea I hadn't seen before.

14. ...Hmm. Okay. What do you want from me?: I want engaging characters and players who'll start their own plotlines. Yes there is a general plot that you'll all be working toward, but I and your other mods will not always BE here, and we can't always be directing you.

15. ...Fair Enough. Life Sucks. Okay. Jobs. Can My character get a job?: Absolutely. The Thing about the Businesses listed in LOCATIONS is that those places will be constantly hiring. At some point I'd like to turn them over to players within those departments, but if your character's strapped for cash you can always apply there/have your character become a police officer or Doctor.

16. ....What's the Current State of Affairs in the World?: The World is CORRUPT. No. Um-well yes it is, but it's essentially 2006 with a more focused look at the war on drugs and a few fictional locations. There are no magical devices. There are no flying cars.

17. I mean what's the stance on Mutants?: ...It's something gradually coming into the public Eye. Originally thought to be obscure cases, we're at the cusp between, "...Hey, did you hear about that urban legend of the guy who could walk on water?" and "...Tommy's kid set fire to my house again. She really ought to get him a shrink.

18. ...THIS SOUNDS LIKE X-MEN: ..NO. There's no Xavier Institute, no cyclops, nothing. These are people who grew up hearing those names associated with comic books, and fiction. Also, alot of the people who use Invisible on a regular basis are Adults. There's not a whole lot that even Professor X could do for an adult who's just discovered Mutant Abilities.

19. ....I'm intrigued and I'd like to play: Fabulous. Read the Opening Letter from Me, read up on the history of Invincible, make a journal, write an app, and I should approve you shortly.

20. ....Can I have my own plots?: Forming your own plot is encouraged. Good rpers can make a distinction between black, white, and gray. Most of these characters will be Gray with a few exceptions. All entirely up to you.

-Invincible FAQ-

What is invincible?
Invincible is a fictional drug.

....But what is it?
It's the end result of a campaign by a conglomerate of Korean and Chinese Soldiers to create a superior soldier that doesn't require rest periods. (The dream, I'm sure, of numerous governments).

It works surprisingly well with an interesting side effect. Increased levels of Adrenaline, Endrophins, combined with the shutting down of bodily systems stimulates Gene Therapy. Reviving Individuals who've come into contact with Invincible leaves them with unusual abilities.

That Makes no sense!
Well...It's fictional. If there really was a drug that could make you immortal or give you the power to shoot lazers out of your eyes, I think we would've heard about it by now.

I was simply fascinated by the idea of What if you really could come back from death stronger?

What's it look like?
strings of proteins in the drug combine to give it an odd texture and taste. It's light gray and very fine, but it tastes like bitter sugar. (....Like when you leave melted gummi worms in your car-that sort of smell and taste).

How would you even
Best not to ask.

Okay-so-How do we take it?
It's primarily snorted (a'la Cocaine). There's a new grade called "Dragon" that's injected, but it's very very rare, and you have to be very rich. It might show up in other places, but for now-let's just assume that it's primarily snorted.

...K. What's it do?
Besides Rearrange your molecules, it gives a clean and long-lasting high without any downer effects. It's been called the "perfect drug" by some, it's just-highly addictive.

How does my character come into contact with it?
Well, That's really up to you, but given the prevalence of something highly addictive that wouldn't cause people any lasting harm (....In so far that we know), it's fair to say that usage is widely spread.

Any Rules as to powers?
Nope. Just nothing that alters reality. The Scarlett Witch is a big no-no. Class Five Mutants in General are a big no-no. Half the time people with abilities like controlling the elements, etc, can barely do so. Sure you can light people on fire, but chances are you might burn off your clothes too.

...So we have little to no control
....If you grew an extra finger would you be able to control it? Or a third leg? sure you'd adapt, but chances are you'd have a difficult time for a while. Think of it like that.

....When did all this come about?
....More history will be revealed during the course of the game, but Invincible made it's way to the United States during the early 1990s. People with special powers have been urban legends-but the urban legends are growing.

...So what's this mean?
....This means that if you've got a psychic chances are they'll be more like River Tam or Matt Parkman, and Less like Professor X. Chances are if you play a pyrokenetic, chances are you'll play an earlier version of Liz Sherman without control, versus Pyro.

...Hey! where's professor X, Emma Frost, etc
...No special schools. You're all on your own kids. If you want to make your powers known, make them known. You'll just be having to the situations you create. If you want to read the minds of the president, you're more then welcome to try, but that'll create waves.

So...Every action has an equal and opposite reaction right?...Right. Use common sense.

You're telling us that in an RPG ABOUT DRUG USE?!....Yes well...

.....I'll curl up with my Twinky Winky Doll, My GirlFriend, My boyfriend, my science fiction books, my Harry Potter Doll, and My Own Crackpipe and try to sleep at night. I DON'T CONDONE DRUGS IN THE SLIGHTEST.

Anything else important we should know?....Invincible is highly prevalent, and while the war on terror still has the public eye, the war on drugs is becoming increasingly more important.

Where's the Highest Concentration of Mutants/Superior Individuals?
....Los Angeles California. With New York, and Orlando being the close second. Any place with PORTS.

...Mebbe. ;)

.......ARE YOU SURE THERE'S NOTHING ELSE? This FAQ will self destruct in ten minutes. YES. there's nothing else.
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