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[VILLIANS] Triads, the US Government. wetheinvincible

At a loss for who to play? Trying to figure out what you can do to contribute to the plot? The answer's simple. PLAY A VILLIAN.

Note If you play a Triad Member, chances are you're going to become a mutant one way or another.

Or Not.

Wikipedia defines Triads THUSLY.

For the Sake of Gameplay, I'm adding a Fifth Triad to the Game of Four. The Pao Ryun Lo.


Founded after the beginning of Mao Ze Dong's Reign, the family members of the Pao Ryun quickly relocated to Hong Kong, recognizing that communism was just a red herring. More capitalistic then other triads, they're also one of the richest, sticking their fingers in everything from prostitution to racketeering.

The founder soon met with a mysterious old man who explained his position as a supporter of the communist regime and the work that he and his mentor were doing in a small lab off the Korean Border. The Founder was intrigued, and soon had the old man developing Invincible or "The Dragon" to be sold on the market in Hong Kong. The old man neglected to inform his superior of the effects that Invincible had, and after three Pao Ryun Lo were gunned down in a turf war between a small gang-leaving two still alive-the founder was excited.

It became a ritual of acceptance. In addition to swearing the traditional oaths, Hopeful members had to die and ressurect, giving the founder an almost invincible force of criminals at his disposal.

They moved to LA in the late 90s where the current commander set his son in a position of power, giving him the "Shaken Dragon" stripclub. The Shaken Dragon, while a gentleman's club and tittybar, is also the distribution point for most of the dealers within the city.

The Triad is acting under orders to HAVE AS MANY PEOPLE TRY THE DRUG AS POSSIBLE. Therefore they distribute it at Raves and Major "LA Clubs".

other names for Invincible: ...Snack. Ryuken. Chasing the Dragon, Learning to Fly, Exestential. Exe.

When the Game's gotten going, we'll start recruiting for US customs Agents outside the police department. It's part of the plot kids.
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