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wetheinvincible[GAME LOCAL: LOS ANGELES]

This, if anything, is a tale of two cities.

They've both been involved in the story since the beginning. And it seems only fair that they and their inhabitants see the end.

This is the City

That's how it would normally start, but this Los Angeles is anything but the noir playground that Joe Friday roamed in search of truth and Justice. It's-well-decidedly normal, or at least as normal as a city that houses both Hollywood, Burbank, and Orange County can be. Scenic, noisy, the second largest city in the United States. People come to Los Angeles for a taste of excitement and adventure.

Something they get plenty of. LA houses the largest population of "Converted" Individuals in the United States. Each one of these Individuals is kept on file at the locale Police Department, duly catalogued, organized, and filed away for view by the government. It's a requirement that citizens who convert notify their local hospital and authorities immeaditely. But is it for our safety? Or some darker purpose?

In recent years, LA has also housed more of a criminal element. Investigations into their activites are constantly stonewalled. They've built the red-light district into a veritable "Old Town", although even Frank Miller himself would fear to venture onto those streets.

Despite It's reputation though, it is simply a city. Nothing different, nothing destroyed, nothing that screams Sandwiched between San Francisco and San Diego on the El Camino Real Highway, it's the city. They say everyone ends up in LA someday. Chances are your characters probably will as well.


A somewhat minor Los Angeles Hospital with a bit of a notorious reputation, it's treated the most "converts", treating them like regular people instead of mutants. The staff is very aware that they have several individuals working for them who are classified as "Converted" or "Mutants", but they seem unconcerned, or unwilling, to change their policies. There's no danger of "catching" mutant abilities from someone who has them.

Interestingly Enough, Our Lady is on the forefront of pioneering a drugtest for Invincible. Working closely with Barton enterprises, they want to develop a way of testing for Invincible use. (There currently is none)

Hospital Staff

Doctor Richard Jordan: lift_me_up

At one point one of the finest police departments in the country, a fighting force dedicated to the protection of the innocent

The Police of both New York and Los Angeles Play Major Roles in the community, not just protecting the peace, but keeping tabs on the Mutant community, however small it may be. Officers are sometimes asked to certain "Dangerous individuals" houses, under the guise of protecting innocent civilians. Is there something deeper at work here?

[The LAPD]

The Shaken Dragon, or "Shaking Dragon" as it's proudly called, is one of the more upscale Red Light District Clubs. Known to be classy, it's constantly frequented by thte A-List. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have a regular table, and Paris Hilton's been known to appear occasionally on the Dance Floor.

The Shaken Dragon prides itself on two things. It's dancers and it's hostesses. It's Dancers are works of art, it's Hostesses are something else entirely. Probably illegal in several different ways, the proprietors of the Shaken Dragon have no cause for complaint however, seeing as how the chief of police is a frequent customer.

The Shaken Dragon is also "The place" that people go to score. Ask anyone. Chances are their eyes will go shifty, they'll usher you aside-

Before pulling out a gram of "Dragon" or "Invincible" as it's more commonly known, and muttering, "How much you pay?"


This park, unlike others before it, was built to cater to the super rich. Owned partially by Barton Industries, the Parkside estates boast comfort at affordable prices. Located in Malibu, each house is designed by the owner, with an extensive security system. Many people who keep summer homes here keep them in Parkside Estates.

Parkside, ironically, has no park. It does have a rather morbid view, overlooking one of the largest cemetaries in the city parkside_tombs.


sishang--Micheal Barton

First United Bank
A subsidiary of Barton Industries, First Union offers Free Checks for life and and cheapter checking for long-time members. It's quickly become a major banking chain,holding ground against banks like Washington Mutual and Bank of America.

Like quite a few major businesschains in this world, First United Bank is owned by Barton Industries. If you want to start a buisness, especially in Los Angeles, chances are you'll have to file with them. It's recently come under fire for hiring a converted bank manager.


That's not all there is to Los Angeles

These places are just signifigant. Or perhaps important. They're at the focalpoint of the public's gaze, and they're not moving anytime soon. That doesn't mean there aren't a host of other clubs, businesses, and other places of recreation in Los Angeles. See Something you'd like to build? have a yen to run a business? Contact mods_invincible, present your plan and idea. If it fits in with our scheme, then we'll probably accept it.

Give it time. Perhaps you too might be a part of history. A part of- The City

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