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wetheinvincible[GAME LOCALE: NEW YORK]

This is the City

Yes. The City. The Only City with a right to call itself "The City" since it's been around the longest and is most definately the biggest on the North American Continent. Spanning Five Burroughs, Housing some of the Largest Buildings, it's a symbol of everything that America is, was, and ever will be. When the world ends and everything sinks into the sea, New York City will tell the Aliens who find our decaying corpses more then they ever wanted to know about Americans in General, the good-and the bad.

This is New York, and was therefore the subject of certain events to occur five years ago. These events will not be played up in any way, but it has left a lasting mark upon the populace. People in New York now are just trying to move on with their lives. The pieces have been picked up, it's back to business as usual.



A somewhat minor New York Hospital with a bit of a notorious reputation, it's treated the most "converts", treating them like regular people instead of mutants. The staff is very aware that they have several individuals working for them who are classified as "Converted" or "Mutants", but they seem unconcerned, or unwilling, to change their policies. There's no danger of "catching" mutant abilities from someone who has them.

Interestingly Enough, Our Lady is on the forefront of pioneering a drugtest for Invincible. Working closely with Barton enterprises, they want to develop a way of testing for Invincible use. (There currently is none)

Hospital Staff


At one point one of the finest police departments in the country, a fighting force dedicated to the protection of the innocent

The Police of both New York and Los Angeles Play Major Roles in the community, not just protecting the peace, but keeping tabs on the Mutant community, however small it may be. Officers are sometimes asked to certain "Dangerous individuals" houses, under the guise of protecting innocent civilians. Is there something deeper at work here?

[The NYPD]

Epstein Books
A staple of Manhattan for 40 years, Epstein Books has returned to prominence as a competitor in the bookselling industry. What was once a loveable, but dingy store with no space to read has now become a spacious, comfortable, relaxing store with a widened selection of books. Even its section on world history, revered as one of New York’s best, has improved. Now there are more literary works in English and Spanish, and, thanks to increased sales, a new level containing more books and a café. Epstein Books is owned and operated by the brothers Keith and Pete Epstein, nephews of the store’s original owner.


SkyLand Ranch Apartments is the product of a real estate deal, a geek, and a wannabe cowboy.

No, really. In 1997, Jim Catrelli returned to New York City after several years spent in Texas. His goal? To refurbish the "Heavenly Arms" Apartment Complex he'd inherited from his dead uncle. Sadly, Jim was easily impressionable, and planned an Apartment Complex with a vaguely Western theme, complete with sand-painted walls and Albequerque fixings in all the rooms.

The man was at a loss as far as names went, until he happened to be sitting in the attached Cafe. Two Geeks in town for a convention (-He assumed they were geeks based on the glasses and the "42" T-Shirts) were discussing past episodes of a certain TV show. Jim fell in love with the name "Skyland Ranch" and applied it to his apartment Complex, even though it was in the middle of Downtown Manhattan, and severely lacking in Sky.

Jim Catrelli's SkyLand Ranch Apartments, complete with realistic looking Coyote in the lobby, didn't take off. Forced to sell the place to Norton Real Estate, they dropped the Ranch in the Title and sold off most of the Out-West Art Deco. Norton Real Estate, A subsidary of Barton Industries, controls several properties in Manhattan, putting little to no effort in upgrading the rest of the rooms. Consequently, Visitors will probably not be impressed by the very traditional lobby, but might be taken aback by the Coyote Howls on the Soundsystem starting at 6:00 at night, (In addition to Native American Tribal Chants) And the fact that most rooms still contain cactuses and scenes of the old outwest painted on the walls.

The SkyLand Appartment Complex is state of the art falling into desrepair. The Interior Culture shock is nothing compared to the Gym filled with Equiptment that looks like it was last used by Rocky Balboa, the "Half Moon" Cafe with the Waiters and Waitresses who've probably working there since the building was first built in the 40s, and the "Picturesque Terrace" that gives residents a beautiful view of the buildings surrounding it.



That's not all there is to New York

These places are just signifigant. Or perhaps important. They're at the focalpoint of the public's gaze, and they're not moving anytime soon. That doesn't mean there aren't a host of other clubs, businesses, and other places of recreation in New York. See Something you'd like to build? have a yen to run a business? Contact mods_invincible, present your plan and idea. If it fits in with our scheme, then we'll probably accept it.

Give it time. Perhaps you too might be a part of history. A part of- The City

Barton industries is not an Evil Corporation. It's not "Umbrella", it's not the Weyland Corporation, Hell, it's not even Sirius Cybernetics. Barton was founded by Micheal Barton (sishang) and a couple of his colleagues after a few years in the unsuccessful entertainment law business.

What was a probably "Pharmacutical" Corporation has become a Budding Multi-National Giant, just starting to grapple with other Forbes Giants. Micheal Barton is a shrewd businessman (Some say too shrewd), and he knows when to buy and when to invest, or at least knew enough to make an educated guess. They do alot of business with China, own a Real Estate Developer in New York City, and have a controlling interest in the Stocks of the First United Bank.

Recently, Barton's CEO has been making all the right moves, sending his company on a definite spiral upward. Now's the time to own Barton stock, because experts predict that it'll rank with companies like Coke, NBC, Isis, and Other Major Corporations by the year 2010..

Just what is Micheal Barton's Secret? And what's up with the sheer number of Ex-Defense Contractors working for Barton Industries? They're investing in everything, and while they're not yet the Umbrella Corporation, some people are speculating that they're coming close.

While the Company's based in New York City, it's staff divides it's time between New York (In Manhattan specifically) and Los Angeles California. Another odd move, but when you own two private jets, it's probable you can do whatever the hell you want.



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